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Proof of separation of variables

Let’s say we have a differential equation: $$f(y) \dod{y}{x} = g(x)$$ Separation of variables says that we can simply “split” the derivative $\dod{y}{x}$ and write $$f(y) \dif{y} = g(x) \dif{x}$$ Then, we can integrate both sides: $$\begin{gather*} \int f(y) \dif{y} … Continue reading

15. March 2013 by Casey
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Why eigenvectors and eigenvalues?

I took linear algebra in high school, and one thing that really confused me was eigenvectors and eigenvalues. Why are they so important? I’m taking linear algebra again, and my professor made it very clear why. Let’s say we have … Continue reading

05. March 2013 by Casey
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