College Address
340 E. Foothill Blvd.
Claremont, CA 91711
Permanent Address
888 Morningside Dr.
Millbrae, CA 94030
Technical Skills
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Harvey Mudd College (August 2012 to May 2016)
Claremont, CA
Work Experience
Facebook, Front-End Development Intern (May 2014 to August 2014)
Menlo Park, CA
Facebook is the world's largest online social network.
  • Prototyped and iterated on a new way to interact with notifications on Facebook's web site, using PHP and JavaScript.
  • Acted as the point-of-contact for employee feedback and addressed concerns regarding the new interaction.
  • Oversaw its testing and release to millions of users and interpreted the resulting data.
  • Rewrote and improved the scrolling and positioning logic of the right-hand column on the Facebook home page, resulting in a dramatic 4% increase in revenue from the ads placed there.
Ampush, Engineering Intern (June 2011 to August 2011)
San Francisco, CA
Ampush (formerly Ampush|Social) is an advertising agency that specializes in Facebook advertising.
  • Designed and created software to streamline the publishing of ads using the Facebook API, Python (Django), and PHP.
  • Coordinated with clients to help them install JavaScript impression tracking on their pages.
Personal Projects
ShowKnow (July 2012 to present)
San Mateo, CA
ShowKnow allows teachers to record online lectures on a virtual whiteboard and seamlessly publish them on YouTube.
  • Developed the virtual whiteboard where the user can deliver Khan Academy-style lectures, using HTML5 <canvas>.
  • Implemented basic drawing tools and advanced tools, such as Wolfram|Alpha integration, LaTeX input, PDF input, and webcam access (using the Wolfram|Alpha API, MathJax, PDF.js, and HTML5's getUserMedia respectively).
  • Implemented video recording and uploading to YouTube via the YouTube API using Node.js and ffmpeg.
  • Implemented video management pages using PHP and MySQL.
Kataang Forever (November 2006 to November 2012)
Millbrae, CA
Kataang Forever was a web forum and discussion board for the TV show Avatar: the Last Airbender.
  • Maintained an active community of 3,000 members with 60,000 posts per month at its peak and 2 million posts total.
  • Wrote and enforced rules and guidelines, appointed moderators, and organized events and contests.
  • Performed server administration, such as installing Linux, Apache, etc. and perfoming backups and migrations.
  • Modified the SMF forum software, written in PHP, to tweak its behavior and add features that suited the community.
  • Created a chatroom using Node.js where members could simultaneously watch Avatar and discuss in real-time.